we are a tribe of passionate professionals with the objective of driving human progress.


Innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

– Thomas Edison –

our values.

respect for society.

Having corporate social responsibility deeply embedded in our culture. In everything we do, we give back to society, by developing good professionals and by tacking pressing social issues around the world.

client commitment.

Delivering true relevant knowledge and experience, earning our clients trusts by being reponsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.


Being honest, ethically correct and inspiring trust by having open conversations, matching our behaviours to our words and taking resonsibility for our actions.

respect for nature.

Respecting our ecosystem and supporting sustainable initiatives. Recognizing that the biggest and wisest source of information is our nature, and as such, we need to protect it.

why becoming part of the axis tribe.

We get in the ring with you

we care about what we leave behind.

We literally care about you and we make sure that we carefully guide you through your journey as well as we make sure you learn from us during the time you are working with us. Also, have a life-time membership to our tribe

we get it done, fast.

We believe in the power of results, we foster innovative and agile practices for effective implementation. Our strength is combining our knowledge with your industry practices, so that we move quickly from analysis to action.

we are by your side.

We’re not just in your corner. We’re in the ring with you. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure the work we do is completely integrated with your vision, culture and formula for success.

we apply the latest frameworks.

We stay ahead of the game. We work closely with top business schools, which gives us access to the latest frameworks and methodologies based on international research.

we don’t stop in the drawing board.

Our projects don’t end in a nice design. We guide you through the implementation, to make sure that your ambition becomes a reality.

Our CEO: Renata Liuzzi

A global business-transformation strategist, Renata has a proven track record with blue chip consultancies. 17+ years of experience in Business Strategy, Customer Experience, Innovation and Digital Transformation working for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

International MBA from IE Business School, Mechanical Engineer (with masters in Motorsports), Post-Diploma in Design-Thinking, Innovation and Strategy (MIT, Columbia). With certifications in Lean Six Sigma, Artificial Intelligence (MIT) and Operational Efficiency (APICS).

Renata has successfully lead the delivery of complex transformation programmes, working with teams spread across more than 15 countries and doing business with more than 20 countries. 

She has led Customer Experience / Digital departments companies like Emaar Group, Dubai holding, and Meraas Holding.

She founded  Axis Partners to respond to Strategy, CX and innovation challenges, a critical component of business survival and evolution post-pandemic. Engaged as a strategic advisor to major sovereign investment organisations, major retail and real estate groups in MENA and Europe, Renata successfully delivers transformation projects, turning crisis to opportunities.

She is a thought leader and for that reason, she has been appointed a visiting Lecturer at the IE Business School, where she teaches Strategy, CX and Design thinking to International MBA Students. She has been also appointed as a Mentor for top start-ups coming from the best innovation Lab in Europe (IE-VentureLab).

Renata was awarded in 2022 as the second most influential CX/Innovation practitioner worldwide by the CX Magazine and featured as one of the top CX/innovation thought-leaders in 2021. She was recently featured in the front page of the Retail Magazine, where she discusses best practices in CX and innovation.

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strategy & execution.

Helping you find your why, your purpose and how to create a common north that is not only inspiring but creates a tribal sense in your company.
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experience design.

Everybody experiences far more than he understands.
Yet it is experience, rather than understanding, that influences behavior.
– Marshall McLuhan
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sounds AI powered analysis.

We call it: Sounds. Our proprietary AI-Based, plug-and-play voice of the customer service, will help you understand your customers, for you to focus on what will drive customer retention and revue growth.

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We are the result of millions of the years of evolution. Learn the keys to innovation to become a transformative leader.

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