crm and cx… what the difference between?

by Jun 2, 202114 comments

Maintaining an exemplary level of customer satisfaction (And consistently delivering it) is critical to acquiring new business and retaining existing customers.

We are facing the “Uber” generation. Even if you are doing B2B or B2C, your customers will expect an immediate service, digitally provided, transparent, fast and easy. Technology has raised the performance bar for every brand in terms of creating expectations of immediacy, personalization, and superior digital experiences.

The key to consistently deliver the same experience is to collect information, analyze it, act on it and activate mechanisms to improve the customer experience – the backbone of this is normally a CRM.

The difference between CX and CRM

CX is created based on customers’ interaction with your brand. It represents how clients perceive your company, how they feel while interacting with your products and services across all of your touch-points and channels.
“People can be impressed with the quality of your products, but a complicated purchase process or poor service will induce a bad perception of your brand, which can possibly impact the probability of re-purchase”

So in short, Customer experience is about emotions, behaviours and actions. When designing the experience always focus on crafting the right emotions, because emotions drive behaviours, and behaviours drive actions. If you want someone to have a good experience, to purchase or to become a raging fan of your brand, you have to start working about the emotions you inspire in your customers.

Remember, when you think about experience, you need to consider everything, from the moment the customer is considering visiting your store to when they google a product, look for the address, visit the store, purchase and share their opinion in social media / family/ friends.
You might be wondering… but what’s CRM?

A CRM (customer relation management) is a strategy that combines people, processes and digital technologies, for you to build a sustainable and consistent relationship with your customers.

Imagine the CRM as a string that unites all of those CX touch-points in one single place, in a way that it makes sense and it’s like a story you build about each and everyone of your customers.

Your CRM is your detective that will carefully collect information about your customers and put it together like a puzzle that (once you collect enough information) gives you a full picture of your customer – surely you want that for your wife or with your friends.

Imagine that you are able to remember all the conversations you had with a friend, where you left the conversation, what was worrying him, what was he looking for, what has he being going for lunch, preferences, … everything!
Imagine how easy is to build relationships and strong bonds with people you know, people that feel listened to. Imagine if you can build experiences adapted to each person’s preferences… that’s the power of CRM and that’s how it supports CX.

The days of pushing a brand are over, welcome to the era of connecting as humans, of truly connecting and living together wonderful experiences…. welcome to the human era (CX) powered by machines (CRM).

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